Our speciality was in Embedded Systems Design (Hardware and Software) and in communication software, but over the years, a wide variety of projects has been undertaken, from simple microcontrollers to SQL databases!

Company Specialisation

We had capabilities in most fields of electronics design and software, specialising in the following areas:

  • Digital design and interfacing, including PAL/PLD designs.
  • Low frequency analogue design.
  • Microprocessor based design and software, using most major processors and either assembler or “c” level programming.
  • Hardware and software design for IBM-PC interface cards.
  • Design of audio/video analogue/digital hardware.
  • Protocol conversion (RS-232/Serial/GPIB/Parallel).
  • RFID (transponder) based systems
  • Smart Card based systems
  • Compact Flash based systems
  • USB based systems
  • PC software, mainly written in C++, C or Assembler, using C-Scape, TCXL, WKSLIB, INFORMIX-SQL and in-house databases.
  • Extensive experience of DOS, Windows and Web based systems.
  • 4GL/SQL programming and relational database design.
  • Engineering database and analysis systems for industry.
  • c programming for DOS, VAX, CP/M and ROM (embedded) systems.
  • Assembler/c programming using AVR-32, AVR-8, Z80, Z18x, 64180, 8086, 68000, 6800, 6300, 8048, 8051 and PIC processor families and peripherals.
  • BASIC programming on BBC, CP/M, DOS, DG-NOVA, HP machines.
  • FORTRAN programming using Data General Nova/Eclipse and RDOS operating systems.
  • ATE programming using XINCOM hardware and XINTOL software.
  • SENTRY Series 10,15 & 80 programming & data processing.
Major Projects

As well as providing general consultancy services, we have undertaken and successfully completed many major projects. Some of these, and some current projects are briefly described below.

  • Design and development of a Z80 CP/M disk based computer for small business use, including peripherals, system software and utilities.
  • Development of software for a 8085 based logic analyser controlled by a host computer using a serial link. Host programs written for BBC & DOS based machines.
  • Design of the digital and software sections of a dual channel, software controlled, 20Msps Digital Storage Oscilloscope plug-in card for the IBM-PC.
  • Design of an interface card and software to store and retrieve high speed (2Mbps) newspaper facsimile signals using an IBM-AT computer with high capacity SCSI disk drives.
  • Design and development of IBM-PC based interface card to emulate the BBC machines’ analogue, parallel, printer and sound ports.
  • Design and implementation of two different database systems for the semiconductor industry using relational database techniques and a combination of SQL, Informix 4th Generation Language and “c” software.
  • Design and implementation of an extensive semiconductor data analysis system using “c”, including extraction of relevant data from an existing VAX based database.
  • Design and coding of a distributed database for tracking vendor production performance & defect analysis, using “c” language, replacing an existing dBase database.
  • Hardware and software design of several microcontroller products, generally based upon the 8048/8051 series, often replacing existing hardware designs.
  • Design and coding of a PC based radiopaging controller, using memory resident, window based software written in “c” and 8051 assembler.
  • Hardware and software design for several processor based RS232 interface cards, generally designed for very low power operation using the 64180 processor and real time operation.
  • Design and software for a portable ADPCM/MPEG Audio Compact Disc Player.
  • Design and software for Emergency Systems Paging Transmitter Encoder and Controller.
  • Design and software for FSK radio modem, including protocol layer design.


Hardware & Software Design