Wheeler Systems Ltd. was formed in 1998 to provide Hardware and Software Design Services to a variety of companies from “one-man-bands” through to multinational corporate organisations.

Whilst the main emphasis of the company is designing embedded systems and associated PC based software, we also have extensive experience in the following:

  • Hardware Design (Embedded Systems, Digital, Low speed Analogue, Audio)
  • Embedded software (Assembler, C, C++)
  • PC Programming (DOS, Windows,Linux)
  • Communications (Serial/Phone/Radio/Kilostream/Networks/WAN/Tetra/Mobitex,TCP,UDP)
  • Data Radio and Paging Communication Systems (Encoder/Decoders, Pocsag, Mk6, Mk7,POSP)
  • Digital audio systems and sound conversion, including ADPCM, MP2 and MP3 compression (hardware and software)
  • Protocol Drivers and Emulation
  • Voice prompt recording and processing
  • Embedded Compact Flash systems.
  • Embedded LAN/Network systems, including embedded http servers.

Wheeler Systems Ltd. developed from an older business, Wheeler Associates, which has provided similar services since 1980.

Please feel free to look around, and if you think we may be able to provide any services for you, please use our Contact Page.

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Authorised users can also access the Wheeler Systems Wiki.

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